Learn about the advantages of a consumer loan for Entrepreneurs

If you are about to start your own business, you should not leave out the option of a consumer credit, since it can be the tool to tackle all the expenses you have, before launching to work on your own.

So, if you are self-employed or want to be, do not forget to ask about these alternatives, which have fewer requirements than other loans and are for a small amount of money. Some documents and certificates should always be presented, although not so many. In turn, they can be paid in up to six years (depending on the bank or financial institution), and the rates are interesting.


The amount of the consumer credit will depend on several factors

consumer loan

For example: your income, your credit history, how long you have been out of the dependency relationship, how you show your expenses, if you have a home in your name, credit cards, if you are a good customer and a good payer of your bills. In most cases, you will not be asked what you need the money for, although in the case of loans for entrepreneurs or SMEs, perhaps you should inform the destination of the loan. If not, the options to use it can be many: rent a business, buy equipment or raw materials, pay a franchise, among others.


You should bear in mind that these types of consumer credit

consumer credit

for entrepreneurs have fixed assets and can have three types of interest: if it is for operations less than or equal to one year to return the money, it is fixed plus a differential of around 2%. If it is for loans between 2 and 3 years, it can be fixed or variable, plus the differential of about 4%. If it is for returns with terms greater than 3 years, approximately 4.5% is added to the fixed or variable rate. Amortization and grace period is provided up to three years if you finance 100%. Do not forget the commissions charged by the bank or entity for granting you the loan and the issuance costs.

You already know that there is a type of credit for you if you are about to start your own business and your savings are insufficient. Simulate your consumer credit in Cream Finance and choose the best option, without fine print. You will save time and money.

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